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Lead your creative agency to victory in a humorous battle for the biggest ego around!

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A game of satire for 2-5 players

Hire Employees, complete Projects, buy great Stuff and sabotage your competitors to win the greatest glory.

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Each Principal has a special ability and becomes your persona during the game. He or she also defines your Ego goal. Reach your Ego goal first and you’re the winner!


Employees are played in your Studio to help you complete Projects. Employees may also be upgraded with Skills to help you complete the best Projects.


Experts are a special kind of Employee. They function just like Employees, except that each Expert permanently has a Skill associated with them.


Skills are played on your Employees to help you complete Projects, earn Coins and earn Ego. A Skill is permanently attached to an Employee unless discarded or taken by another player.


Projects are the backbone of your Studio. They help you earn Coins and Ego. Some are completed by one Employee but many require a combination of skilled Employees to complete.


Plain and simple, Stuff is all about Ego. Spend your hard-earned Coins on Stuff to quickly reach your Ego goal.


Events represent the often bizarre things that occur in the typical creative agency. These are lively attack and defense cards. Play at your own risk!


Persons offer special bonuses to your Studio or suddenly appear to cause mayhem on an unsuspecting player. Some Persons are played right away, others are free to play whenever.

160 Cards
30-60 Minutes
2-5 Players
Details about Creative Clash

How to Play

Creative Clash is incredibly simple to play. Each turn is comprised of several phases where players collect income, draw 2 cards, and then play as many cards as they like. Play continues until someone reaches the Ego goal on their Principal card.